Candace Silvers Studios | About Candace Silvers
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About Candace Silvers

As a Human Behavior Specialist, Candace Silvers has dedicated her life to coaching and inspiring her students to live beyond what they think is possible. Every event of perceived limitation can be an opportunity for success and happiness. Currently, Ms. Silvers has thousands of students around the world practicing these skills and using tools that make fulfillment available on a daily basis.

The daughter of American icon Phil Silvers, Ms. Silvers began her career by following in her father’s footsteps and training with Roy London ( the renowned acting teacher whose clients included Brad Pitt and Michelle Pfeiffer). That background combined with her innate gift for helping others led her to become a teacher herself. As a result of her dedication to teaching, she has received glowing endorsements from countless peers like Oscar-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss and clients. Actress Arielle Kebbel “Ballers” and “Unreal”, and actor Josh Radnor “How I met Your Mother” have worked with her.  Additional acknowledgments come from other working actors, writers and directors such as Brian Goodman, writer/director of “WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU”, and Eileen Meyers, writer of HBO series’ “BIG LOVE” and “HUNG”, and Showtime’s “Masters of Sex”.

The rapid success of her acting, directing, producing, and writing students has led Ms. Silvers to create programs for different careers and lifestyles. Clients are taught the ability to observe their habits and patterns, creating new responses that allow for opportunity.

In addition to speaking for entertainment industry organizations such as the SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild), The Producers Guild of America, Women In Film, Act Now!, and The Soho House Los Angeles, Candace Silvers’ message also resonates with corporate clients. The Remax Group, Leaders Causing Leaders, the Los Angeles Jewish Federation, and United for Families have all embraced her work with seminars for their managers and members nationwide.

In 2006, Ms. Silvers’ created the New Possibilities Children’s Foundation, an American-based charity that raises funds to support the continued development of educational programs for underprivileged children in Rishikesh, India.