Candace Silvers Studios | Bali, Thailand and India Testimonials
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Bali, Thailand and India Testimonials

When chaos swirls, can i remain still? When opportunity opens up, can i move towards it? Will i release expectation and stand available to receive this gift of the present?

Nature truly controls all which surrounds me, yet in each and every moment i too possess the power to recreate my surroundings. Having direct influence over what i directly see:. It never hurts to ask .:If i want a peaceful world, be a more peaceful person; if i enjoy song and dance, be the one who sings and dances. Lead by example, lead with an action, make mistakes, trip and fall but not to punish myself, learn from the lesson, retune my default setting into growth. Inexplicably i am called to surrender to a higher power, any time Now, any where Here.



To put into words the experiences that I received in Bali would make it too two-dimensional. One has to experience it for themselves. But i will do my best… As this was my fifth trip to Bali with Candace Silvers, I didn’t expect to get what I had received. I knew my purpose going to Bali was greater than I had the awareness of. Candace Silvers leads with every step that stumps your “mind” at every turn to grow you from the inside out with every possibility that leaves her mouth. She speaks to a whole group, but every single person receives from their hearing, in turn growing each individual separately but as a whole. At times it’s anger and tears and others it’s joy and wholeness, every growth is different, but growing nonetheless is; difficult, exciting, scary, joyful, treacherous, beautiful. And it’s never the same way twice. With all the years studying with Candace Silvers i’ve gained the awareness to be able to produce the life i couldn’t have before, with the lack of tools I had before I began this work. Thank you for continuing to stand for everyone and being the mirror for ourselves to look into us.



How do I describe the mystical experiences of our Bali retreat? I’ve gone three times now and each one has been pure brilliance, like layers of cake piled on to each other, building more no-thing.

Falling (flying) in the Monkey Forest was/is something truly remarkable. I freaking broke my back. No question, no doubt in my heart that I seriously injured myself and that my tribe healed me. All You Need Is Love and Blowerman.

And there’s no way to convince anyone because it’s not believable in our world. We get to remember and hold the impossible for everyone until the unseeable because seeable. That’s why I love these testimonials. Since returning to America, there have been moments when I’ve lost the feeling of the experience and taken back my mind, but writing this now and reading the other testimonials draws me right back there-here-now.

I can’t wait for the next trip!



I am tremendously honored to have been a part of this particular Bali retreat.  The level of grace, the miracles, the honor with which each student participated in the retreat was beyond anything I have ever experienced.  Each person resolved to fight for their lives and in so doing, brought more to the table for the group to digest.  It was a privilege to sit amongst each and every member of the group.  I cannot explain how or why things occurred as they did, only that I saw and experienced moments in time and space that are impossible in our dimension of existence.  From a swarm of dragonflies suddenly appearing to experiencing firsthand direct connection with the deity Garuda to witnessing healings I have never before seen occur before me, but have only heard of in biblical stories.  It was, to say the least, a trip of a lifetime.  I must thank Candace Silvers from the bottom of my heart for risking her life and teaching her students what it means to be truly alive.  I cannot fathom another way of life more rewarding and more challenging.  Truly this work is a gift to the world and I am honored to be a part of it.  



I graduated from Cornell University in 3 years, but my sharp intellect has been holding me back from experiencing the world without judging or forming opinions about everything and everyone. I have also been living my life waiting for my future to arrive. “One day I’ll be financially secure, I’ll be calm enough, I’ll be enough.” I put my happiness in the hands of others and I did not choose it myself.

In Bali I got to experience a freedom from my mind’s small opinion of what it believes my life to be. I got freedom from “have to” and found “get to.” I got to put space in between the voice in my head and that separation gave me the space to live a new life.

Now, I realize it’s difficult to express exactly what I’ve received from the trip, I’m an artist, so I’d rather sing about it or write a poem. But it suffices to say that in Bali, with Candace Silvers, I experienced a separation between what I think about life and the experience of life itself. The whole trip was a walking meditation, which I’ve never experienced before.

Although I showed up on the trip to play along, I got to experience a separateness between my small ego and the rest of me. I am grateful for Candace and her work, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to move beyond their ideas of what life is and experience it.



“Time is nothing but a series of fleeting moments. Like a river, our bodies are like boats we use to experience this current we call life. Our boats come in many different shapes & sizes, and the captains of each boat very as well. Some captains are strong and powerful but know it so they play small in their world. Some talk fast in a hurried manner to be heard only to wonder why no one is listening. While others are so powerful that one kind look, gesture or words of grace can melt history and heal many wounds manifested in the mind and body.

On my recent journey to Bali with Candace Silvers I was in the company of such captains. People with a wide variety of backgrounds and histories. We had a doctor (with 30+ years of experience) and her daughter, we successful people in business, actors, writers, and musicians, and a man who graduated from Cornell University in three years time. There were 17 of us in company.

Through our journey we stayed at a nice resort called Arung Raka in the mountains town of Ubud, Bali. The resort itself was situated among fields of rice paddies and decorated with a mix of modern and old Balinese architecture. Admittedly, we only stayed evenings and enough time in the morning to have breakfasts together.

Our journeys through the day, and classes we had, to me to places I never thought or knew could exist. Miracles happened seemingly every hour and my own eyes saw things I thought were impossible. Admittedly, before the trip, if one were to ask me what a miracle was I’m not sure I could say what one was with confidence.

I saw a man who had a dislocated shoulder not 24hrs prior regain full mobility and motion within minutes. When doctors told him it would be at least three weeks until recovery. Healed by the grandson of the last King of Bali no less. Then, the next day, we went to another healer far in the mountainous landscape of Bali. It was there I witnessed more miracles. I saw a man who had fractured his back be able to jump up, stand, and feel no pain healed in a matter of minutes. I saw another man who couldn’t walk without assistance get healed in a matter of minutes and was able to mostly walk unassisted on his own. My torn shoulder was also healed in a matter of minutes. Modern (western) medicine doesn’t provide explanations for this! I was baffled, surprised, and felt a presence greater than anything I could describe all at the same time.

The miracles happened daily. Not just in the physical sense but also of mind. Problems turned into opportunities..and the ones who were open to the healing received the most and were healed instantly.

And perhaps the biggest miracle of all for me? I realized what love really means. Love in all senses of the word. Before the trip I had always gone around saying how much I want to help others without actually acting on it. During this trip, I got to experience service like I never have before, compassion like I never had before, and feelings of my old fears, gone and melted away with Love. It was the giving to others without any expectation of a return was the most rewarding thing I have ever done. Whether it was food, money, a kind gesture or a kind word. In a sense, we all have the same basic needs.

Then there is the one I love. The love of my life. My, now, fiancee – the biggest miracle of all. I got to experience stepping beyond my own mind and into my heart – the place where our true calling is. I got to experience jumping past my fears and going for what I really wanted — to show my devotion and commitment.

Our hearts, if only we listened, sing the songs of our strengths, our compassion for one another, the songs which melt fear and make way for an amazing life. The songs which build unity to love and to each other. It’s tune which sings that we aren’t just captains sailing alone down the river. But rather, we are the streams and the reflection of one another.”



What is Bali?

It’s that thing I paid for, expecting for my life to be changed. Expecting me to change. And I could labor over these words to convey that change and scrutinize it, and articulate how much my life has been enriched by this experience. But better than that, Bali is that experience you don’t put into words, because it’s too big for words to hold.

So I won’t bother sharing what we did. Here are a few things I got.

Bali is a place where I discovered family in a deep equality—an equality where our differences help us recognize the Whole in each one of us. I discovered faith, by becoming aware of burdens in my personality that I could surrender to the family and shed myself of; and in so doing I discovered life, 100 times more potent and visceral and aesthetic than the starry-eyed drug trips that made me think I knew myself.

And, returning home, I know it is only the beginning. Bali is the Morpheus to the Neo waiting to be awoken in each of us, and once you have the experience, everything’s the same and everything’s different.

Get yourself on the plane. Get yourself to Bali. Whatever it takes, go, go, go. As a teacher who cares about your role in the community, as a future father who wants the best for his children, and as a brother who may one day be your friend, go. You can only make yourself and the world a better place to Be.



For 3 years I’ve been thinking about going to Bali, but I never had the money to. This year I also didn’t have the money to go but after having so many dreams about it, I took a leap of faith and decided to go. Lots of turbulence at home and on the plane on my way to Bali. There were many reasons I wanted to go there but mainly because I have been sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time. I have lots of headache and neck and shoulder pain, gastritis and hemangioma on my liver (that was developed last a year-usually you are born with it or you never get it). I had doctors telling me that a lot of my pain and diseases are caused by stress and I was called by stronger forces to take the trip with Candace because for some reason it would help me relieve some of my stress, or at least understand where they are coming from.  I also diagnosed with Charcot Marie Tooth disease at the age of 15, a neuromuscular degenerative disease that can lead to a wheelchair and there is no cure for it. For all of those reasons, Bali was my only hope. I must admit I had huge expectations.

During the Bali trip Candace and all the healers told me exactly the same thing: I created all the diseases and I’m the only person that can help me. No doctors can save me. Well then, I realized that if I had the power to create all the sickness in my body I must have the power to create all the healing as well. Following that logic, basically everything I want I have the power to bring into my life. So if it takes the same amount of energy to bring negativity and positivity, why not only focus on positive? No fear, only love and happiness. The trip to Bali brought me so much awareness that not only I’m powerful but also a lot of the power and healing comes by being yourself and by being truly happy. I’ve heard that before, but when you experience life in a different dimension like Bali allowed us to, and when you see miracles happening, it changes everything.

I saw big transformations from my group of “villagers”, I saw dislocated arms getting healed and broken ribs getting healed as so that doctors were giving weeks for the recovery and after a couple of sections with Bali healers, those 2 man that had injuries were doing yoga and dancing. I was a witness of an untreatable Keloid being cured in a week. The trip was extremely powerful in many aspects. It is hard to adjust to reality but although I didn’t get cured there or got all the answers to my questions, I developed an awareness that doesn’t allow me to go back to whom I used to be. I have been more relaxed and more patient with my husband and in consequence he has been so much loving and caring towards me. The miracles for me are coming slowly but graceful, and I am extremely happy I was part of this great group and have learned so much from Candace Silvers. I can’t wait for next year’s trip!



Bali was an emotional rollercoaster ride for me.  It was extremes, Painful and yet there were times I felt exuberant.   I was unfamiliar with Candace Silvers work and cannot really say I now know exactly what it is except in general terms.  I had high stakes being 25 years older than the other attendees.  I desperately wanted to “get it” “understand what was being taught.  Armed with my Camera, Cellphone and Video Recorder I was intent on capturing the moments.  Immediately attempting to upload the photos to Facebook (to stay current, treading …whatever) somewhat eluded me for I found I was missing – minutes of the experience trying to figure out how to upload the moment I just had. For me it’s more important to live in the moment, which I discovered I rarely did. In constant pursuit of my to do list, goals, it’s the next thing I’ve craved.  I was missing the things, experiences, people in front of me.  To all my girlfriends, and well wishes…No I didn’t go to Bali to meet a guy.  I went because I was exhausted.  Their, (I’m never quite sure how to use their or there) was always something more important in front of me than me, the house, the job, fear of missing out on the acting job.  I thought… I like Asian Art, I’ve got a huge Buddha head water fountain, I had been a guest on Candace Silvers’ radio show and something in the podcast struck a cord, the trip included seeing a few “Healers” maybe I’ll trump Dr. Oz and comeback with the new I didn’t exercise and I lost 60lbs cure, after all I experienced a lot of personal development working with Dena Crowder this seemed like the next step,  all the while secretly hoping the termites would give me a few more years before It was mandatory to kill them. I’m going, I’m going Uncle Visa’s please don’t fail me now.

I had several paradigms working;

Bag lady- which I can attribute to may things, insulating, being secure, plan B, just in case, self reliant, fear, to walk without all of my bags, I felt vulnerable, scared, yet I felt a profound sense of Love and a community, comradeship, with the attendees on this trip.

I am more aware of thoughts in my head verse what’s really going on. I prefer not to fill my day with tackling all my to do’s there is a lot more to say but in the interest of time.  I’d go again.




Thank you from the deepest place in my heart. This is my third retreat to Bali with you, and at first I thought, “well, what else can I possibly learn?” Then BOOM. When one leaves expectation at the doorway they allow themselves to enter be-yond their wildest dreams. I’m still bliss-ing out from all the miracles. Nothing’s changed, and everything’s changed. Be-ing Here is an experience. Describing what occurred in Bali is like trying to describe a first kiss – you can use every word possible, but in the end the true experience is only visible in the softness of their smile and the light behind their eyes.



I went to the Bali retreat mainly to get my keloids healed and get away from my life in Los Angeles for a bit. I went with a few expectations since my brother and sister went a couple years back, but i came home with far more than I could imagine. I became aware of how much fear, stress and worry I stored and how much harm I was causing myself. Through healers and class, I learned the tools to turn that fear around and instead heal my body and quiet my mind. I came home with friends, family, a new appreciation for my relationship and the tools to stay present and aware. This journey and the miracles i experienced would not have been possible without Candace Silvers, so thank you.  <3



This is my fourth time going to Bali with Candace Silvers Studios, and I already know I’m going for my fifth time, next year. I’m an individual who hates the idea of travelling to the same place more than once, I never understood the desire for a vacation home, and I definitely never thought I’d go on the “same” Bali retreat before I left for my first one in 2011. Boy did I stand corrected… Each trip is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, or thought was possible. You don’t travel with Candace Silvers, you journey… We sit in front of healers who are able to cure diseases, emotional, and physical pain, broken bones, an unclear mind — and not one of them give you prescription pills, or tell you it’s outside your control. Healers who don’t speak English, yet know everything about you on a level that’s just not possible to your mind. While all at the same time, our teacher, Candace Silvers, whose gift to this world is as unbelievable, and untouchable by anyone, or anything, is our Light guiding the way. It doesn’t get better than that… I don’t know how I got so lucky to not only attract myself to this work, but to commit to it. Attraction is the easy part, committing yourself to growth, taking the high road — the road less travelled, practicing the impossible, is the toughest thing to do, yet nothing’s more worth it. Candace doesn’t just inspire people to live a brilliant life, she causes you to live a brilliant life. Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom to investigate a new possibility, and sometimes, you just see things you’ve never seen before, and you know, you know, you know, there’s more to life than what your historical thought patterns have taught you.

Thank you Candace, for continuing to grow me up, by growing me down, roots into the earth. For guiding me into a healthy, loving, relationship with my now fiancee! For showing me what taking responsibility looks like, and how it causes a successful life. Your coachings are like a magic trick, our minds eye are used to looking at and wondering “how did she cause that?” Or “how did she know that about me?” And now, I’m happy to have developed the awareness in myself, to no longer question the brilliance, but to be the experiencer experiencing the experience, of your gift. Surrender, surrender, surrender. Thank you.



I arrived in Bali full of expectations, ideas, and plans for what I wanted to receive and how my life would look after.  That’s a reasonable cultural starting place, so why during our first meal at Kafe did I feel so disappointed?  Here it was—Bali Retreat—which I’d planned for and looked forward to; why this nagging feeling that it wasn’t right?

The more I ran my thoughts over that feeling the worse it became, and the more my history of knowing I did not belong in a group crept in and became real.  By the time we arrived in Ubud’s monkey forest and I heard in my mind “oh, look…monkeys again.  It’s like last year, except completely the same” I knew I was off the retreat, along for the ride and in every traveller’s quagmire: trying to enjoy oneself.Then Wham!—Jacob was injured and my mind was gone.  It’s an odd thing—I never like seeing someone in pain trouble, but I love moments of crisis.  Crisis brings me into that magical space I sometimes find in drunkenness or a drug high:  the mind’s chatter dormant, and nothing to reach for but what’s in front of me at that moment.   I grew up in a household punctuated by crisis, and I’ve made a career out of handling them better than most.  If that sounds opportunistic, it is.  Adrenaline junkies are no different than any other kind of junkie.  However in the incredible healing space of this retreat I experienced the first of many inexplicable profound shifts where nothing changed and everything I saw transformed completely.  Candace stepped forward in calm rather than mania, my own loss of mind was in concern instead of thrill and I was not alone in seeing what to do—I was part of a village that was birthed in that moment.



How do I talk about something that there is no way to talk about? My Bali experience was so visceral and so personal – what words could possibly describe the actual experience? Having been back in the US now for 8 days, I’m watching my Self, and I’m in awe. The way I speak to my boyfriend and hold him is different. The way I hear my boss’s words are different. The way I look in the mirror and what I see is different. As I move about my life I notice the deep rooted feeling of undeservedness and shame I’ve carried my whole life has withered away. What happened?

Bali was a deeply healing, cleansing experience for me. My delusions began to dissolve. The way I see myself; the way I see others. I’m nothing and yet I’m everything. Up until Bali I’d always tried to “fit in” and “be something”. What? That doesn’t make sense when the knowledge of who I am exceeds any box I could put myself into. Every idea/delusion I’d present to Candace, she’d bust through. What a small life I led and yet I had no clue! I’m grateful.

I had the opportunity to have this trip with my dear mother, who’d previously done another Bali Retreat with Candace 3 months prior. The shifts I’ve seen watching her – the way she stands within her Self – are breathtaking. She’s not the same mother I’ve grown up with. The confidence, presence, and grace she carries herself with now are not the same as before. Do you know what it feels like to see a woman you love dearly finally step into the woman you’ve always known she could be? There are no words, only gratitude.

Now I know why my mom went back to Bali 3 months later. My mind is melting and it’s so good. Thank you thank you thank you!



My trip to Bali was filled with moments of such wonder, joy, connection and amazement. It is so difficult to describe. Nothing ‘happened’ and everything Happened. Connection, realization, worth and the honoring of person.

I have practiced medicine for 33 years. Bali is additional confirmation of what I have always known. That when one is willing to dispel belief in what they think they know (not) and are open to see the manifestations of Spirit, one will see miracles/healings; physical, emotional and personal which are as wondrous as the act of Creation itself.

We are all One.

Yes, we can heal ourselves when we let go of ‘mind’ that tells us of lack and limitation, that there is only probability not infinite possibility. ‘Physician heal thyself’ has taken on new meaning.

My patient asked me why I went back to Bali musing ” you must have found something really special there”. I did. I realized I had it all the time. Me.



Oddly the grandest miracle I received while in Bali (not at all that I’m ranking them, just that this one is quite the doozy) as when I met with our last Healer of the Retreat. Both times I have met with the Brahman, Tuaji, have been at night and both times have completely blown me away. This year I asked to be blessed with approaching women. After I received the blessing, I asked for one last blessing. I just asked that Tuaji bless me to stand for this work that Candace is teaching me so that others may find it and receive as much as I have. As I asked for this blessing, something inside of me just clicked on. I was able to put my hand on true happiness, and that is selfless service. It wasn’t a cool idea or something I remember Candace saying was important, I just saw everything we had experienced up to this point and said “Why can’t everyone go on this same journey with us?” “Why can’t any person I encounter see what this village stands for and give without the expectation of receiving?” I didn’t say it loudly, honestly I didn’t want other people to hear me thinking that I was being this great guy and showing Candace and her students that I “asked for the right blessing,” or whatever that means. Candace did actually overhear me and she very quickly rounded up the other employees of Candace Silvers Studios to also receive this blessing. Then she told everybody to jump in and to also be blessed to stand for this work. It was a pretty powerful moment in of it self, but that was only just getting started. A minute or two after I had my turn, a fellow student was getting his time with Tuaji when this bird appeared. Now when I say appeared, I actually, really do mean APPEARED. It didn’t swoop down from the sky or from the roof or even off of the rafters inside of the temple. This bird came into being as quickly as it left. And this was no ordinary bird, it had the wingspan of slightly less than a humans’. IT WAS A BIG BIRD. I was told from those who were closest to this thing was like being right next to a helicopter. All 17 of us looked around and said “Did you guys just see that bird?” We all had either seen it directly or heard the sound of its massive wings pushing the air towards us. Candace asked Tuaji if he could tell us what that bird was. Our translator said back to us that this bird was Garuda. Now you can do a little research of your own, but the long and short of it is that this bird, Garuda, is the mount on to which the Hindu supreme God known as Vishnu rides. (It is a pretty exciting read if you have the time to learn about it.) Garuda had shown itself to bless our entire group and this journey we are all involved in. Learning this just about blew my entire head up. There was no way I could bring my mind along for this one, I booked my mind a flight to the moon and said “See ya next fall!” Having Candace and Tuaji place my hand on this, onto Totality, Nature, Good, God, Good, whatever you want to call it, it was bigger than my own individuality could ever encapsulate. This was so far beyond me that in that moment and now and now and NOW I SAY: I can never go back to that one single box I placed my self into. I can’t be the Dan that doesn’t want everything he has, or the Dan who looks to “other” for what he needs and I certainly don’t get be the lonely Dan who has no self confidence or belief in himself. Not having confidence would be like spitting in the face of God after presencing a Hindu Deity like something out of a mythical book you would read in school. I can never go back to that life now. A true Blessing.

I couldn’t possibly say that other people reading this should ever expect to come on this trip and hope to be told that you could cure cancer or that Vishnu might stop by to say hello. The only thing that I can tell you now is that I have never believed in something greater than this work Candace Silvers is teaching me. Which means I have never believed in myself as greatly as I do now. But then again ‘I ain’t seen nothing yet!’
– Dan Foote