Candace Silvers Studios | The Italian Retreat
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The Italian Retreat

Italian Adventure Candace

Announcing the Italian Retreat 2017.

Candace is deeply honored to offer this special once in a lifetime experience. We will fly to Rome and attend special museums, allowing the art from many years ago to speak to us. We will have a guide, translating the Art, Archaeology, and Religion of the times… Then off to Assisi, to the Cathedral of Saint Francis, where we’ll stay in the Nun Hotel, a restored monastery from the 1st Century… We will spend the night on an organic farm where we’ll partake in a pasta making class… Then off to Florence by train for more amazing museums and experiences that one can only dream of.

Candace will take you on a journey where we will tap into the consciousness and dimension of 1st Century AD. Touch the walls, feel the space, and enter the time of Christ – Jeeze it’s us! This retreat is invitation only.