Candace Silvers Studios | Retreats & Events
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Retreats & Events

Candace Silvers Studios offers retreats all across the world! The Studio leads group trips to places like Bali, India, Hawaii, Mexico, Thailand, and more. There are also retreats offered right here in California, including Ojai, Santa Barbara and Palm Springs. The benefit of attending a retreat is that one gets to spend 24-hours a day involved in the deepening of the self, as opposed to 2-hours a week in class. With Ms. Silvers guiding, students return finding themselves living a more expanded, fruitful, inspired life. Many students return with stories of where the impossible in their life is now possible. Hear what others have to say about traveling around the world with Candace Silvers Studios, as well as what our students who recently traveled to Bali and Thailand experienced. Jump in! Possibility awaits…

Ms. Silvers is also often invited as a guest speaker at various organizations, including: SAG, AFTRA, Women In Film, and more. Visit our calendar to find out when Ms. Silvers’ next guest appearance will be.

Please contact our Studio for more information.