Candace Silvers Studios | The Enneagram Workshop
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The Enneagram Workshop


Human behavioral expert Candace Silvers leads this interactive workshop. 

Explore the 9 interconnected personality types of the Enneagram, find your number, and go free!

Are you ready to take your ability to communicate to a whole new level, while removing your roadblocks to success? Wether in business, relationship, family, or personal life, there are always pieces that need to upgraded in order to reach your full potential. Understanding how your personality and the personality of all those around you plays into your outcomes, is an essential part of creating growth. 

This is where the Enneagram comes in. One of the oldest surviving systems of determining personality, the Enneagram brings a whole new awareness to where unconscious behaviors in ourselves and others prevents us form being as successful of possible. Each of the 9 points corresponds to a different personality type. These points have their own sets of behaviors, habits, patterns and thought processes that are unique to the point and shared by everyone who falls into that number. Through the workshop, you will see which number you fall into and gain the tools to see which number all those people around you are, from your spouse, to your employees or you boss, to your children. Once you have this awareness, you will have an entirely new set of tools to use in every interaction with all of these people!

Come join us and experience the power of awareness.

For information on upcoming workshops, please call our office at 818-781-8345.