Candace Silvers Studios | The Women’s Group
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The Women’s Group


Welcome to – The Women’s Group.

Wednesday 6PM-8PM, with optional meditation at 5:30OPM.

This 12 week closed course will include a conversation – All Things Women. What would you give to be Cherished and Adored? Girls we will learn to work on ourselves. Work on being/feeling whole, whether a partner is there for us or not. To ask the questions that are taboo in our society still today.

For those of you who have partners who are workaholics or alcoholics, we will learn to close the gap between our hearts and our minds, developing the tools to stand for ourselves and for our partners no matter what. When our self-esteem, security, and balance are in place we become magnetic attractions. I am excited and honored to lead this group and look forward to having you join. Call office for more information (818) 781-8345.