Candace Silvers Studios | Working Actors Acting Class
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Working Actors Acting Class

Welcome to – Candace Silvers’ Working Actors Acting Class. This is an ongoing class for working actors who want to move beyond the ‘normal’ of Hollywood, to learn to book that ‘unattainable’ role, and to be what the casting directors, directors, and producers are looking for just by walking into the audition. This class also gives working actors an opportunity to bring in their co-stars and cast members to explore new layers of “being” together. When an actor’s ‘real’ life become their ‘reel’ life, then the magic on set ignites. Candace speak’s to the true intentions of the writer. Using her 8 Tools, the actor learns how to lose their idea of the character, which limit their performance, and to see the script in a whole new light. It’s time to play… with life! ** First audit is free. Call office for more information (818) 781-8345.