Candace Silvers Studios | Workshops & Privates
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Workshops & Privates

Stop waiting. Start succeeding. Right Now!

Have you ever felt yourself “waiting” for something to happen? Do you find yourself saying, “When this happens, then my life will work out.”? Or, “When I get that job” … “When I move into that house” … “When I have the money, then I’ll be happy!” Why wait? Candace Silvers Studios provides tools that allow you to have a successful life NOW.

Candace Silvers Studios offers an array of classes for your life, and for your career. Whether you’re an actor, writer, producer, or director, Candace Silvers’ Studios offers a weekly Master’s Acting Class, as well as an annual Foundation Intensive. These classes explain causation. Students learn how a character (human being) comes into existence.

Not everyone wants to be an actor! Human Behavior Classes are offered to help students understand their behavior so that true success can happen. In our Monday and Wednesday Human Behavior Classes you can learn tools that unlock potential, allowing you to live an abundant, transformative life! Thousands of students find these classes to be the most rewarding.

Candace Silvers Studios offers one-on-one coaching as well, for those seeking personal help in their life, relationship, or career.