What is Shiva Murti Healing? Shiva Murti is a powerful Balinese healing modality in which kundalini energy, channeled by the healer, is directed into the client. Energetic blocks are located and cleared, enabling the body to achieve balance and release infirmities.

What ailments does this modality work on? This modality assists in healing both physical and emotional conditions. Successful healings include: Back pain, diseases, cancer, arthritis, neuropathy, heart conditions, anxiety, depression, respiratory issues, headaches, TMJ, vertigo, and many more ailments.

How soon should I expect results? Most clients experience immediate relief, and continued healing from their ailment after each session. For chronic issues, 2-3 sessions may be needed to clear the ailment, however most clients experience relief from their symptoms after just one session.

What is a Remote Healing? Since not everyone is able to work with their Healer in-person, there is the opportunity to experience healing from a distance. This includes online via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, and through pictures. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Shiva Murti Healers are working with hospital patients in order to relieve their symptoms and assist in their healing.

How long does a healing take? For a one-on-one healing session, a full-body healing may take up to 15 minutes.

Is Shiva Murti similar to Reiki? Although both modalities work by channeling energy, Shiva Murti has been referred to as “Reiki on steroids. ” Many Reiki Masters have trained in Shiva Murti and integrated this modality into their practice.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for a session? For your healing session, please wear loose-fitting clothing (i.e. sweatpants and/or workout clothes), so that you are able to move your body comfortably. For Remote Healings, please place your video screen in a position so you can be hands-free.

Should I let the healer know of my ailments prior to the session? Please bring a list of the ailments you would like the healer to work on during your session. For Remote Healings, please send a list of your ailments via email.

Can I learn this modality? Candace Silvers offers a 6-week Level One training course in Shiva Murti. This training is available in-person in Los Angeles, as well as remotely via Zoom. For more information and to apply, please email [email protected].

What does a healing feel like? Everyone experiences healings differently. Many people describe a warm, tingling or static sensation, followed by a release of pain or tension. However, many clients receive profound results without experiencing any physical sensations.

Where and how was this modality started? Shiva Murti is an ancient healing modality based on Vedic principles dating back thousands of years. Candace Silvers studied this modality under Master Teacher Ratu Nabe in Bali, Indonesia in his esteemed medical center.

Does Shiva Murti work with Western medicine? Yes, many doctors have integrated Shiva Murti into their existing medical practices. Many Shiva Murti clients with terminal ailments have since received a diagnosis of N.E.D. (no evidence of disease). Due to the success of these healings, Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles created a Pilot Program to study the effects of Shiva Murti Healings.