Up Close with Candace

Experience working with Candace in small group settings.


Get in the weight room of your life! Massive forward movement is the result of consistent work and accountability. Each 12 Week course is an opportunity to grow some serious muscles around whatever it is you’ve come to work on. Whether it’s relationship, career, family, finance or health, you know where you want to see growth.

Tackle the obstacles keeping you from success head on, with direct human behavioral guidance and insight from Candace week by week. Each 12 Week course is your opportunity to do amazing one-on-one work with Candace and learn from a community of other people committed to their growth. This is where you work through life as it happens. This is where you gain mastery.

Major Gains

Practice Creates Mastery

Effortless success is a muscle. Now get in the weightroom of your life! You want to grow and you’re committed. The 12 Week Course is where you come to do the hard work required to see real, lasting change.

Community Supports Growth

Jumpstart serious growth by engaging with a community of motivated, like minded individuals. Not only will you get just as much from experiencing other peoples coachings, you’ll also get the benefit of having other people to lean on when your obstacles feel insurmountable.

Accountability Is Everything

You only lose if you don’t grow from the experience. Every single week you’ll be holding yourself accountable and finding where your obstacles are holding you back.. Don’t let yourself off the hook. Require growth!

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