Let’s get personal

1-on-1 Private Coaching Session with Candace.

Let’s get personal

1-on-1 Private Coaching Session with Candace. 

Step up to your life. Make the shift!

Ask yourself a simple question. Is your life everything that you want it to be? In every area? The truth for most people is that there’s something that they’d love to upgrade. Maybe you have a brilliant relationship but are having difficulty reaching your personal financial goals. Maybe money isn’t an issue, but your spouse just doesn’t get you. It could be raising your unruly teenager, or your health. Maybe you’re entering a new chapter or looking to leave unsuccessful behaviors behind. One on one coaching with Candace is where you’ll get your competitive edge.

Who can benefit from coaching? Everyone. A common misconception is that people need to have a problem to work with a coach. Elite athletes use a coach to stay sharp and push themselves to even greater heights. A youngster just starting uses a coach to learn the basics. And there’s every stage in between. Wherever you are in your life, coaching with Candace can take you to the next level.

Get results

Achieve your goals:

Nothing sparks commitment, passions and energy like progress. Candace is results oriented with a focus on action.

Take your productivity to the next level:

Learn to eliminate wasted time and effort. Absolutely maximize your time and energy to accommodate life’s demands.

Gain a clear sense of direction:

Get a clear sense of purpose where you feel lost. We’ve all had problems that didn’t know what to do about or where to start.

New insights:

Bring a fresh perspective to your challenges.

Become accountable to yourself:

We don’t do good ideas here. We do action.

Expert coaching

Candace has been coaching people to new levels of success for over 25 years. In that time she’s earned her reputation as one of the most skilled human behavioral experts in the country. Her system of breaking down human behavior into equations of causation has helped more than 20,000 people to pin-point where they are getting in the way of the their own success and make massive upgrades to their lives.

Unique coaching tailored to your individual needs and goals.

Create a new paradigm of effortless success.

Get the tools to cause massive upgrades and take your life to the next level.


Hello everyone greetings to all. I just wanted to share something with you. My husband had a group session for over all body healing last week from Candace over the Zoom. He is always left side brain guy and, very sceptically he had the session and told me me he did not felt any pressure, heat or tingle during the session. He started feeling better since than, and today this morning he asked me to write this in my FB group.

Thank you so much Candace for the healings I am feeling no pain at all, it’s magical I am so very grateful to you for spreading magical healings, thank you so much. I can’t wait form my wife to learn this magical healing modality from you and serve others thank you so much.

I also wanted to pay my gratitude to the healer who sent me healings on my picture on Facebook last week when my wife shared my picture picture with request for healings. I thank you all from bottom of my heart <3

Ritika Kapoor, Level 2 Silvers Modality Healer

I attended the complimentary healing session Sunday, October 2nd. During a ct scan and pet scan for a vipoma –pancreatic tumor, my left lung showed a growth, I also have sleep apnea. I also sometimes get asthma due to allergens or exercised induced so sometimes I need an inhaler, I had some chest lung burning over the weekend due to allergens. Candace Silvers was working on an individual with a lung issue so I stood up too for that issue. My lung burning is gone. Interestingly I test my oxygen saturation level. It is 100 percent. I’ve never had 100 percent oxygen saturation level. 🙂 . I also was having back and sciatic nerve pain non stop for days. Its gone. Thank you Candace and everyone that gifted their time to heal. I am so thrilled to start the academy oct 8th. In gratitude and love. <3

Trish Craig, Level 1 Silvers Modality Healer

No matter how good life is, things happen. I have learned many lessons in Life Class, but my favorite is that everything happens for me, not to me. It can take some time and creativity to really learn and incorporate these lessons. Life Class gives that needed space. And it does happen bit by bit. It makes me almost giggle sometimes when I hear Candace’s words and wisdom coming through me when I am talking to a patient or giving a sermon – I have ended a few with Thank you, more please. And of course it all makes sense. Being grateful for the life you have, and using it to love and be of service to others – that is the basis of good physical, mental and spiritual health. It is all connected, we are all connected. Thank you for all you do – sending much love and light to you all!

Dr. Lisa Webb, Level 3 Silvers Modality Healer (Part 2)

I began studying with Candace Silvers in Jan of 2021, just a month after I underwent a bilateral mastectomy for breast cancer. I had just started back to work in a new location as the hospital system had closed my local ob-gyn practice. And I was newly ordered as a Deacon in the Episcopal Church. In other words, my life had been turned upside down and inside out. Many of you have probably found Candace at a similarly crazy time in your in your lives. The healing work has been wonderful. She helped me with scar tissue in my incisions, so I can again sleep in my stomach. And I can pass on some of that healing gift to my family, friends and patients. But as powerful as the healing is, the lessons I’ve learned in Life Class have gotten me through it all.

Dr. Lisa Webb, Level 3 Silvers Modality Healer

I am definitely in a different place than I was one year ago when I was calling you frustrated with my life, but wanting to be a part of your beautiful community. I credit my time with you Candace and doing the daily practice with the strength and courage I have today.

Trish Bush, Level 2 Silvers Modality Healer

Candace’s ability to unlock human behavior is beyond anything else I’ve seen. It was like she taught me something I used to know before getting cynical. I’ve applied her tools in work, life, dating–always with unprecedented success.

Sean C.


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