Candace Silvers

Idaho: In-Person Healings


- 15 Minute Session

Upcoming Locations:
Twin Falls, Idaho (May 25-27, 2023)

An In-Person Healing Session with Candace Silvers

The Silvers Healing Modality – Candace uses her hands as scanning devices to identify energetic blocks within the client’s body and remaps their energetic state. This non-invasive surgery works on muscles, bones, neurological and spinal systems, as well as internal organs.

Please note: Candace will be giving healings to a group of clients each day in Idaho. You are invited to stay for the full 2 hours of healings to observe the other sessions, as it will help connect you deeper to this energy, benefiting your own healing experience.

You are welcome to book multiple sessions, if you have more than one ailment.

To learn more about The Silvers Healing Academy, please schedule a complimentary consultation with Candace here.

You’re welcome to join Candace for our upcoming Complimentary Zoom Healing Event. Please click here to reserve your ticket.

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