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Sacred Balinese Healing with Candace Silvers

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In 2015, Candace Silvers created the Silvers Healing Academy to train Healers around the world. With hundreds of healing students worldwide – including 50 doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers – The Silvers Healing Modality is now practiced in 30 States as well as 10 countries.

6-Week Training Course – Online via Zoom

Training Session begins Saturday, October 16th, 2021 

This 6-week online training course, led by Healer and Human Behavior expert Candace Silvers, teaches the techniques used to heal people with Vedic breath. Combining the Foundational Practice of The Silvers Healing Modality and Shiva Murti (a Balinese modality), Ms. Silvers will provide coaching and guidance to prepare students to be able to hold and channel this energy.  After this 6-week course, students will already be able to give successful healings.

Students will receive the tools to better understand how we get in our own way as healers and human beings. Students will also be taught how to hold the space so that healing energy can be channeled through their bodies while practicing the art of Vedic breath.

Class exercises include:

-Vedic chanting 

-Kundalini and fire-building exercises 

-The study of Anatomy: Understanding the roots of diseases and ailments

-A powerful daily practice in Service and Gratitude

-Step-by-step guidance to grow and channel this healing energy.


To learn more about The Silvers Healing Academy and to apply for the 6-Week Training Course, please schedule a complimentary consultation with Ms. Silvers’ assistant. During this 15-minute phone call, our office will answer any questions you have and assist you in applying for the Online Training Course.

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