I attended the complimentary healing session Sunday, October 2nd. During a ct scan and pet scan for a vipoma –pancreatic tumor, my left lung showed a growth, I also have sleep apnea. I also sometimes get asthma due to allergens or exercised induced so sometimes I need an inhaler, I had some chest lung burning over the weekend due to allergens. Candace Silvers was working on an individual with a lung issue so I stood up too for that issue. My lung burning is gone. Interestingly I test my oxygen saturation level. It is 100 percent. I’ve never had 100 percent oxygen saturation level. 🙂 . I also was having back and sciatic nerve pain non stop for days. Its gone. Thank you Candace and everyone that gifted their time to heal. I am so thrilled to start the academy oct 8th. In gratitude and love. <3