About Candace Silvers

Candace Silvers is a Human Behavioral Expert and founder of Candace Silvers Studios, a full-service business and lifestyle coaching firm servicing businesses and individuals looking for the next level of success.

Candace rose to prominence in her field in the early 90’s as “Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret”. Working with top producers, directors, writers and actors to bring effortless success to countless projects, playing a key role in creating some of the most memorable content of the last two decades.

As word spread about her work, demand rose for her to apply her behavioral expertise to companies outside of the entertainment world as well as to people’s personal lives.

Today, Candace has worked with over 20,000 individuals, as well as companies ranging from start-ups to perennial Fortune 500 companies. Through speaking engagements, success consulting, executive consulting, private coaching, retreats and behavioral workshops, Candace creates powerful upgrades in everyone she coaches.

Candace is currently the subject of a documentary by ‘Beasts of No Nation’ producer Tommee May for her profoundly impactful work upgrading her clients lives with her behavioral expertise.

Candace recently launched a new daily coaching service, Coffee with Candace.

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