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What Is Behavioral Optimization?

Your business has it’s own behaviors. Are they behaviors that lead to success, or do they cause opposition? The answer is, if your business doesn’t easily overcome obstacles and isn’t exceeding goals, you’re in opposition. Behavioral optimization stems from a thorough analysis of where a company is operating out of order. This may be on an individual level, a team level, or as far reaching as an entire organization. What comes next is a core out reorientation of the way your company operates. The good news is Candace’s proven equations for causing behavioral shifts will get you out of your own way, and fast!

Specially developed self-analysis to help pinpoint behavioral flaws to get to the thing that’s most important to you, growth.

1) Culture – You either see obstacle or you see opportunity. This isn’t a gimmick. This is an integrated way of approaching every situation, from the most mundane and repetitive tasks to the most unique occurrences.
2) Leadership – All great leaders have their unique style. What isn’t unique is that all leaders have a strong, clear vision, and are able to communicate that vision in a way that causes the rest of the organization to fall in line.
3) Communication – All parts functioning in harmony. Speaking the same language. Communication is often the single biggest chokehold in an organization. Introduce effortless flow.
4) Innovation – What causes people to create?
5) Focus – Get everyone headed in the same direction.
6) Passion – The biggest drivers of passion are the ability to grow in your position and contribute meaningfully. Every job has their role to play, and if they’re vital, instilling passion is as easy the flick of a switch.

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What People are saying about “What’s Possible”

  • With a career spanning over 25 years, Candace has applied her behavioral insights to fields as diverse as business consulting, addiction recovery, parenting, and personal wellness.

    John K. Riley
  • She is most well known for pioneering a new way of quantifying human behavior.

    John A. Adams
  • Using equations of causation, Candace guides clients and companies to find where unconscious behavioral patterns are holding back growth

    Jane Lariken