International Retreats

Major Gains

A world of possibility

Remove the backdrop of the way you’ve learned to see the world and break open your mind! Immerse yourself in a foreign culture as you discover why you believe what you do, and begin to see over the walls of what you learned to believe isn’t possible for you.

Find your center

Dig into the heart of where you’re greatest growth lies. Strip away the layers that you use to keep yourself from your life while finding out your greatest fears are actually your strongest assets.

Creating Connection

Build a deep connection to the self and with that connection, embracing life on life’s terms. When you solidly stand in the power of who you are, everything you’ve ever wanted is at your fingertips.

What People are saying about “What’s Possible”

  • I have been able to transform my life by following her guidance and teachings. I was someone who was lost and had no direction out. Today I can stand proudly and say that I have a successful job, good home, love my life, but more importantly I truly love who I am as a woman.

    Sara N
  • I use the tools she teaches in my classroom as a teacher, in my relationships, at family holidays, on the freeway, on days when it’s easy to be happy and on days when it’s not–it is always and everywhere available. It takes a lot to practice what she offers, but it gives more than I ever thought possible.

    Jordan G

Willingness is the key that unlocks everything.

Candace Silvers

Discover where your greatest growth awaits.

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