Professional Coaching

Gain your competitive edge

Serious professionals. Serious coaching. Serious Success. Whether you’re a business of one or the only one in your business ready to create serious success, Candace’s one on one business coaching is fine tuned to get you delivering results.

Are you in negotiations and want expert coaching? Are you working on closing a big account, business deal or round of financing? Looking for the the next place to grow your business or your career? Candace unique behavioral approach has supported hundreds of entrepreneurs, executives, and business owners in achieving their goals and giving them the competitive edge they’re looking for. Whatever your goal is, Candace will help you assess what you needs to be done and create an individualized plan get you across the finish line.

Pillars of Success

Eliminate Obstacles: Focus on what is in your power to affect, then shift everything standing between you and your goal.
Create Value: As you create value, so to do you become more valuable. Learn to see where value is lacking and gain the tools to be that value.
Establish Leadership: Any position can become a leader. Get clear in your vision and purpose, learn to communicate to cause success, and guide your organization with confidence.


Candace has worked with hundreds of professionals and companies over her 25 year career. Her clients include executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, investors, creatives, sales professionals and more. She’s worked across industries as diverse as jewelry design, medical practices, venture capital, real estate, major corporate brands, construction and hospitality. No matter your position or industry, Candace has the tools to take you to your next place.

Are you ready for massive success?

What People are saying about “What’s Possible”

  • With a career spanning over 25 years, Candace has applied her behavioral insights to fields as diverse as business consulting, addiction recovery, parenting, and personal wellness.

    John K. Riley
  • She is most well known for pioneering a new way of quantifying human behavior.

    John A. Adams
  • Using equations of causation, Candace guides clients and companies to find where unconscious behavioral patterns are holding back growth

    Jane Lariken