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Candace Silvers has dedicated her life to coaching. She inspires her students to live beyond their limitations. Every event becomes an opportunity to experience success and happiness.

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Renew your spirit on a heart-opening, once in a lifetime retreat in Bali, Indonesia. During this two week journey, you will receive daily lessons led by world renowned Human Behavior Specialist, Candace Silvers, experience the healing powers of true Balinese healers, and find inner calm. Leap beyond the mind and go into your heart. Dare to risk, in faith, and tap into your highest potential.

The Bali Retreat

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                 Back by popular demand, THE BALI RETREAT! March 17th – 26th 2018


Have you ever felt yourself “waiting” for something to happen? Do you say, “When this happens, then my life will work out.”? Or, “When I get that job” … “When I move into that house” … “When I have the money, then I’ll be happy!” Why wait? Candace Silvers Studios provides tools that allow you to have a successful life NOW.

The Life Class
The Women’s Group
The Men’s Group
The Masters Acting Class

Candace Silvers Studios offers retreats all across the world!

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She will be speaking on the 9 points of the Enneagram, and showing us how this system works in our lives. Additionally, she will be working with all of us in the class on which number we are and how that numbers characteristic's manifest in our lives.

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Renew your spirit on a heart-opening, once in a lifetime retreat in Bali, Indonesia. March 17th-26th 2018.

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In this 3-day workshop, learn the causation of human behavior.

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Candace brings her unique ability to pinpoint ailments and shares her knowledge on hands-on healing.

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As a Human Behavior Specialist, Candace Silvers has been guiding students for the past 25 years.``

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What the Clients Say: Eileen Myers, Producer “Masters of Sex”

Candace Silvers Studios is dedicated to inspiring students to live beyond their limitations – to experience success & happiness. We offer retreats and classes, which include: The Life Class, Women’s Group, Masters Acting Class, The Foundation Intensive, The Bali Retreat, and private one-on-one sessions. Candace has coached many Oscar and Emmy winning actors, writers and directors, as well as business professionals, industry influencers, and thousands of individuals interested in living a life beyond their wildest dreams.
Call our Office for more information: 818-781-8345.


Listen to Candace Silvers Radio LIVE every Thursday at 4pm PST on LA Talk Radio.

Are you curious about the way Candace works with clients in private sessions? Want more of this work in between classes? Listen in to hear Candace work 1-on-1 with a client, turning challenges into possibilities.

Past podcasts are available on the iTunes podcast app.


  • “I’m humbled by your dedication to watching your students learn and grow. When things get hard for me, I continuously watch you bow deeper in service­ to show me a new possibility. Thank you for showing me that a difficult moment can prove to be a rewarding one. As long as I hold still with out reacting to the pain. Thank you Candace Silvers. You inspire me to pay it forward.”

    Arielle Kebbel, Actress, “Ballers”, “UnREAL”, “The Vampire Diaries”, “90210”
  • “My time working with Candace was life altering. She helped me open a new set of eyes I never knew I had. I went to Bali and discovered myself for the first time. I’ll never forget what it did for me. Thank you Candace!”

    Jaina Lee Ortiz, Actress, “Rosewood”
  • “I will never forget the Candace-ism “What you see, you be!” Candace removes the crutches, the scaffolding, the net, the programming, the status quo and thrusts you headlong into the unknown; the exciting and the very risky present moment both in your acting and in your life. She’s a gypsy, guru savant – with Candace you will learn to “Leap before you look” – a proposition and life-plan that she lives authentically every day.”

    Mark Feuerstein, Actor, “Royal Pains”, “Defiance”
  • “A big thing that Candace Silvers teaches that I’ve really hooked onto is perception. Perception of yourself, perception of your place in the world, perception of what your limitations are. Candace has taken me and changed my angle a bit, and now I have a whole new percetion. Thank goodness she did, because I also now have a whole new life.”

    Kevin Shinick, Emmy-Award Winning Writer “Robot Chicken”
  • “Where I grew up, Acting wouldn’t be an option. So, I go to Candace to study acting, but really, what ended up happening was that a result of the way she teaches, nevermind the acting, my life has improved. I’m 180 degrees from where I was mentally and emotionally at that time. What I learned from Candace was – where I come from, people do things to you, and now, nobody does anything to me. They all do it for me.”

    Brian Scannell, Actor, “Gone Baby Gone”
  • “Candace Silvers allowed me to step into things that seemed so far away… things not within my ability to have a current experience of… and eventually the road just opens up.”

    Melinda Page Hamilton, Actress, “Mad Men”, “Rectify”, “Devious Maids”, “Desperate Housewives”
  • “Thank goodness I have an amazing teacher. I can’t say enough about her. She has changed my life. And my acting career. Her name is Candace Silvers. She can see human behavior, identify how it works and does amazing analysis. Anytime I’m working on a script, I work with her. She’s able to give me the correct analysis for the piece, and I search the “file cabinet” of my life to find where I’ve gone through these similar feelings and experiences… where in my life that I’ve felt those direct feelings that the character has felt. I go scene by scene and work it out. And, yeah, it’s work and it’s a process, but I love this process.

    Lindsey McKeon, Actor, “One Tree Hill”, “Repo”, “Supernatural”
  • “I will say unequivocally, Candace Silvers is the best acting teacher I’ve ever seen and as a director that interested me. She’s got hold of something having to do with human behavior and that interested me as a writer as well. I can give her a scene that I’ve written that’s only a piece of a script she knows nothing about and she can extrapolate the entire story.”

    Eileen Myers, Writer/Producer, “Masters of Sex”, “Big Love”, “Hung”
  • “Something that I’d like to say about Candace Silvers and that is that I trusted her. I trusted her with my talking about my personal life. She did something for me that I didn’t have at all in my life. She showed belief in me and that means more to me than probably she even knows.”

    Brian Goodman, Actor/Director, “What Doesn’t Kill You”, “Last Castle”
  • “I think what is most beneficial about the tools is the powerful message of how important it is to walk into an audition, an office, or any interview with the feeling you are already a success.”

    Michael Lembeck, Emmy-Award Winning Director of “Friends”
  • “There are very few people who contribute anything at all when it comes to the teaching of acting techniques. What Candace has gotten a hold of is a very, very, good thing.”

    Richard Dreyfuss, Academy Award Winning Actor